Monday, 19 November 2012

Gender in Sherlock

This clip shows that women can be helpless and this adheres to the stereotype men are in control and are superior to women. This clip shows Mrs Hudson is helpless against the brute force of the men and she can't do anything to save herself. This also adds to the stereotype females are physically and sometimes emotionally or mentally weak. 

In contrast to the stereotypical views the first clip suggests, this next clip shows that women can be clever and appear to be something they are not. This clip shows that women can be as good as men as Mrs Hudson manages to help out in the situation by pretending to be crying. This contradicts the original clip as she is in fact helpful and strong in the face of adversity. "Mrs Hudson, leave Baker Street? England would fall." shows that Sherlock and John do need her around and feel she is important in their lives. 

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