Saturday, 1 December 2012

Sexuality in Torchwood

In this scene, Jack asks Ianto out for dinner, although at the beginning of  we are not sure that Ianto is actually gay. Despite Jack's flirting and use of words to describe the office (such as "exotic" and "i always get excited in these places"), Ianto changes the subject to avoid talking about the office and this makes us think he might not want to talk about it because it makes him uncomfortable as Jack is gay. However, when Jack asks him to Dinner and a Movie we see Ianto say yes, showing he is in fact gay. 

In this clip there is some debate as to whether Jack is gay, as this is when he meets everyone for the first time. His sexuality is unknown, but comments are made about his clothing which leads us to believe he isn't straight. However, because Gwen and the other woman argue that he isn't gay, we see he could be a flirtatious person or he could be confused about his sexuality; especially the line "He'll shag anything if it's gorgeous enough". 

Captain Jack; The flirt. 

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  1. Good clips here to illustrate, Holly.

    Can you post the answers to the questions on Sexuality on your blog, too?