Tuesday, 4 September 2012

TV Drama - Asylum of the Daleks

In this episode of Doctor Who, The Doctor, Amy and Rory are taken by the Daleks and forced to enter the 'Dalek Asylum' to shut down the planets surrounding force field - whilst tackling problems of their own. Amy and Rory's (what seemed to be) perfect marriage has broken down and The Doctor feels as if he has to fix it, whilst trying to get out of the Dalek Asylum and save the mysterious Oswin Oswald. 

The Doctor is one of the most beloved characters on TV because every time he regenerates he brings something new to the table. Matt Smith - the eleventh and current doctor - dons a quirky bow tie and during this episode as he fixes his bow tie, he fixes the broken marriage between his companions. 

We can tell that the genre Doctor Who fits into is Sci-Fi because of the fact most of it is set in Space, on Spaceships, with aliens - in this case, Daleks. This episode was watched by 6.4 million people and this proves the show is loved and has a large fan-base because Doctor Who appeals to both Genders and all ages. 

The Establishing Shot of this episode shows the Daleks home planet Skaro in ruins and this sets it up for the main story line. Throughout the episode itself, Two Shot scenes and Close ups are used to convey emotions within the characters and their reactions to each other. For example, when Amy and Rory are alone they start arguing with each other and close ups are used to show tears and facial expressions. 
Non-diegetic sounds are used in these scenes; they play backing music to link into the current situation. For instance, when The Doctor is in an action scene with the Daleks, Amy and Rory, loud clashing music is being played to convey the atmosphere of the scene.

BBC iPlayer: Asylum of the Daleks - Doctor Who 

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