Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Class and Status - The Street

Class: Social classes can depend on where the citizens live and work, how much they earn and how they behave. 'Working class' and 'Middle class' contrast due to the type of jobs people in each 'class' hold. For example, Doctors are seen as 'Working class' whereas Factory workers are seen as 'Middle class'. 

Status: Depending on how high up the social scale you are, depends on what status you hold. Higher ranks or social standing shows how well respected you are in the community and how important you are to the general public.

The Street:

The fact it's called 'The Street' shows that their house isn't posh or majorly expensive, due to the fact they probably can't afford it. This shows they're a middle class family and are probably not very high on the social scale. 
At the beginning of the clip we are inside the family's house and we can see it is ordinary and not 'posh' at all. We can see the home belongs to a middle class family as there are simple furnishings and no elaborate decoration you might find in a wealthier home. The mum and dad characters are both wearing scruffy clothes, which shows they're not of a high social class either, as they're not bothered about their appearance. Throughout the house the colour blue can be found (on curtains etc) and the colour blue has connotations of sadness, which suggests they don't have an easy lifestyle where they live due to lack of money, or other problems. 
When we are introduced into the programme, the initial shot is through a gap in the door, which shows we have stumbled upon it and aren't meant to be there. The argument is not shielded fully from the children as the little girl can see and hear what's happening. Action shots are used throughout the argument to show which character is speaking, and then what the response from the other character is. Fast paced editing is used to emphasize the argument and how chaotic their lives are.
Soft music is playing the background, and this is contrapuntal as it doesn't fit the argument that is taking place. Diegetic noises of shouting can be heard, which emphasizes the fact they are angry about something and are having a serious row. 

This scene then cuts to a shot of the dad manually working with tools on a building site. He looks like a stereotypical builder, but he doesn't look like he enjoys his job due to his expression, and the fact he is using the tools in an angry way. The setting is grey in colour, and this could represent how he finds his job mundane and boring. Several jump cuts and action shots are used as we see him take his hammer down in one shot, and in the next we can see what he is hitting. His job shows he is middle class and not very well respected as a builder is a menial job, and not seen as a well paid profession. 

When the tap bursts in the kitchen, the mother is alerted to this due to the diegetic water rushing sounds that add to the scene. We then see an angle/reverse angle shot when she goes to investigate, and then a high angle shot when she is on the floor trying to battle with the burst pipe. This high angle shot shows how vulnerable she is and how she struggles with life. Fast paced editing is used to show the chaos in their lives as well as the unpredictability and daily struggle.  

The character of Peter is introduced when the kitchen tap bursts. We can see he is more professional than the husband due to the fact he is wearing a suit and tie. However, we soon find out they are lovers and she is having an affair. This tells us that they aren't of a high social class as having an affair isn't the type of thing we'd associate with posh, content marriages. They then begin to eat cake, and this adds to the idea of them being middle class and not very posh.   

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  1. Holly,

    some excellent use of arument here and use of examples from the text. Your terminology is also very good. The chracters would be called working class not middle class, as the father has a manual, labouring job. Everything else you say is correct. This would need to be a longer resonse in an exam but has the makings of a great essay. B