Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Sherlock Opening Titles - Editing

The opening titles begin with sped up filming of London roads, and this jump cuts to a higher angle camera shot of the same scene. The shot then fades into sped up filming of the London eye, with the opening title of 'Sherlock' displayed. 
The sped up filming also continues throughout most of the opening titles to show the fast paced theme of the show itself, as well as the way Sherlock Holmes' mind works and the speed of his life. 

Fast paced images are then overlapped, and clips fade into one other in a fast paced style, to show what the programme has to offer, as well as possible story lines within the series. 
Writing is overlayed with several shots, and other shots are also overlayed. The shots on top are shaky, and this creates an edgy, unstable feel to the show, and hints at some of the characters dispositions. 

Lots of jump cuts, overlapped images and fast paced editing is used in the opening titles, as well as some shots that zoom in quickly and action shots. 
For example, there is a pipette with a droplet of water on the end. We see the droplet of water fall, and then it cuts to the droplet falling into a pool of blood. We then zoom in on the blood, and a magnified image is shown of the blood cells. 

All of these cuts and shots are edited together to create a fast paced, edgy, urban feel to the opening credits. It sets the pace for the rest of the episode and gives viewers an idea of what the show is all about, what the characters are like; and what the pot lines within the series will contain. 

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