Sunday, 7 October 2012

Teenagers in TV Dramas


Charlotte Grayson in Revenge has to cope with finding out her real dad was hated by the country for being a "terrorist" even though the audience know he was wrongly accused. She doesn't cope well with the news as she gets addicted to prescription pills. She doesn't get on well with her mother at the beginning of the series as her mother is controlling and wouldn't let Charlotte do what she wanted, so she started                                                                rebelling. 
Because the Grayson family is rich Charlotte is normally seen in dresses and ball gowns. 

Declan Porter (boyfriend of Charlotte Grayson for several episodes) is protective of his brother and he cares about Charlotte even when they're together. He doesn't have a lot of money and him and his brother run a bar called the 'Stowaway'. Declan has been known to steal lobsters in order to gain more money, but realized he was doing wrong. He usually wears hoodies or t-shirt's with jeans as he works most of the time, although when he attends school he wears uniform. 


The whole show is based on a High School choir in America and the teenagers within it. It focuses on their lives and how they don't fit in at school, yet find friends and a school family in the Glee Club. The show contains comedy, drama, singing, dancing and teenagers having a good time. 
For example, one of the main characters, Rachel grows up through all three seasons and changes they way she looks and behaves. 
"Rachel somehow manages to dress like a grandmother and a toddler at the same time." - Kurt (about Rachel) - 01x11
Rachel lives at home with her two gay dads and she has to cope with finding out who her real mother is, battling though signing competitions, boyfriend troubles and her future career. She goes through a phase of wanting a nose job because of what one person said to her, and this shows she is insecure just like everyone else, even though she appears as confident. She is quite a bossy and demanding girl, but starts to accept the fact the world doesn't revolve around her. She becomes a well rounded, fashionable, nice person and gets accepted at NYADA and pursues her Broadway dream. 


Ugly Betty:

The main teenage lead in Ugly Betty is the character of Justin Suarez. He has a keen interest in the fashion industry and often helps Betty with her work,as well as loving the performing arts. He is always wearing bold outfits because he wants to express himself through his fashion choices and he came out as gay in the fourth series. 
He has to deal with the bullies at his school, the death of his biological dad, as well as other stresses concerning has family and life. 
He is very close to his mum Hilda, aunt Betty and Granddad 
Ignacio, and causes them little hassle as he is a well behaved person. 

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