Sunday, 7 October 2012

Claude Levi-Strauss // Merlin

Narratives are provided with motivation to move from one point to another, by establishing conflict. Binary opposites. 

For example in Merlin: 

  • Servants (Gwen &Merlin) / Royalty (Uther & Arthur)
  • Magical folk (Morgana) / Non-magical folk (Arthur)
  • Evil witches (Morgana & Morgause) / Good warlocks (Merlin & Gaius)
  • Past (Uther banishing magic from Camelot) / Present (Merlin using magic to protect Arthur) / Future (Destiny's have been decided)
  • Settings: Caves / The Castle / Servants chambers / Throne rooms 
  • Dark camera shots & lighting (shows evil characters) / Light shots (shows good characters)
  • Evil creatures (Un-dead skeletons) / Good creatures (Kilgharrah the Great Dragon)
  • Love (Arthur & Gwen) / Hate (Morgana towards Gwen for having the throne)

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