Monday, 15 October 2012

Tony Stonem - Skins

How is Tony Stonem represented?

A normal teenager would be represented in a different way to how Tony Stonem is represented in Skins. A normal teenager would be viewed as being a partying delinquent, whereas we can see Tony is a tidy, neat and controlled person. 

The establishing shot portrays a close up of Tony and we can see he has a hint of a smile because he has woken up before his alarm. The shot then pans out and we can see his duvet cover with the naked man and woman on the front. Tony is lying in the middle, on neither the man or woman side of the cover and this gives us the impression Tony is undecided about his sexuality, like everyone can be at some point in their life or teenager years. 
We then see the rest of his room and we can see he is very organised as he has a daily routine of getting up, watching the woman across the street get dressed, working out and then covering for his sister. 
When he is working out a series of jump cuts are used, to show his routine never falters, so they don't have to show the audience all of it. It condenses time and makes the scene more visually exciting for the viewer. The non-diegetic music used in this scene is pulsating and slow, but changes along with the scene. 

When we meet Effy, we immediately see there is a large contrast between the pair - her behaving more like a stereotypical teenager - and him being the more controlling one. A high-angled shot is used to look out of the window at Effy and this makes her look more child-like and vulnerable, and less like a rebellious teenager. 
Tony then pretends his CD player has broken, and distracts his dad whilst Effy sneaks in. The diegetic music is louder and faster than the music in the scene before, to show the havoc that he is causing. From the dialogue used, we can see this has happened before because the dad is shouting "not again" at him, as well as things like "you twat". 

We are then taken to Effy's room and we can see the contrast between the two siblings even more. Effy's room is cluttered, dark and looks like a typical teenagers room; whereas Tony's room is light, mainly white, and looks quite clinical. This gives us the impression he may have OCD due to the fact he is portrayed very unlike a typical teenager. 

Tony then winds his dad up by locking the bathroom door and not letting his dad in. This ties in with the typical teenage view, as teenagers like to pull pranks on their parents to annoy them. By displaying this typical behaviour the audience can see he is able to behave like a normal teenager when he needs to be, but this also contrasts with the past thoughts we've had of him. 
As he is at the breakfast table his dad is shouting lots of swear words at and about him. As a viewer, i find the amount of swearing Tony's dad does to be quite worrying as it can't be a very nice environment to grow up in. 

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  1. Holly, good effort on this and previous post regarding portrayal of tennagers. Does the viewer of this type of programme sympathise or feel dislike towards teenagers?

    Keep up the good work.